Carthage Management Group Attends Quarterly Conference

Individuals from Carthage Management Group recently participated in a national conference in Dallas, Texas. Zack, the company's President, shared why this event was beneficial to the team and described its positive impact on the office.

“It’s always a pleasure when Team Carthage Management Group can get out of the office for a bit to see other regions and meet other people,” said Zack. “This event was one that gave us a great perspective on the industry as a whole.”

The people who represented Carthage Management Group are on a fast track to leadership, so it was a true opportunity for them to see what’s in store for their futures. “Some of the most accomplished individuals in our industry attended this conference, delivering keynote addresses and running the workshops,” said Zack. “We got to pick their brains and absorb some of their gems of knowledge.”

According to Zack, many of the lessons the team learned at this event will carry over to their firm as well. “One of the best parts of these conferences is we gather up the tested and true techniques that others have used successfully in their offices and replicate them within our business,” he said. “Similarly, we share what works for us and how others might apply that to their practices, too.”

Carthage Management Group’s President on What Can Be Learned From Business Travel 

As Zack noted, Carthage Management Group often sends team members to various events and conferences because of the dividends their investment in travel pays. “We put a priority on developing our people to be the best they can be,” he said. “These types of events accelerate their learning so that our people are aptly prepared to take on numerous challenges in our industry and do so successfully.”

“Each time we go to one of these conferences, it also boosts people’s confidence and inspires them to go the distance when they return to our office,” he added. “You can see the lights go on as they listen to speakers and start to connect the dots between the processes we have in place and where their hard work might lead them someday. It’s motivating to me as a leader, too, to know that I’m able to offer my team a career path and show them the big picture at events like this one in Dallas. Plus, it’s just nice to break away from the usual and see other parts of the country. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to go.”

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Source: Carthage Management Group