Carthage Management Group Honors Achievements With Travel

Top Carthage Management Group producers recently returned from a weekend conference in Philadelphia. The firm's President discussed the benefits of this trip and how the travel program teaches goal-setting.

​Throughout the year, Carthage Management Group offers associates travel opportunities. One trip may be a few days of cross-training at another high-performing office, while another could be a relaxing retreat at an exotic resort. Recently, Zack, the firm’s President, took the team to Philadelphia for a weekend conference.
“Travel is one of our favorite ways to let executives know how much we appreciate their efforts,” shared Zack. “Getting the chance to see new places while enjoying the company of Carthage Management Group colleagues are perks that we’re really proud to offer. During our most recent trip, we were able to attend a personal development seminar that really helped us grow as individuals and as a team. We went over goals and how to reach them, and had chances to develop leadership skills and participate in team-building activities.”

Zack was also impressed with the scope of the weekend; he said that it helped his team members recognize just how much potential there is in this industry for those willing to commit themselves to becoming masters of customer acquisition. Along with this increased perspective, there were chances to learn new skills and techniques that will further his associates’ careers.
“Perhaps most importantly of all, this entire event was an incredible networking opportunity. We met business leaders from across the globe who are just as passionate as we are about growth and achievement,” Zack stated.

Carthage Management Group Uses Travel to Teach Goal Setting

Knowing how to set goals and then achieve them is an integral part of succeeding, according to Zack, and the Carthage Management Group travel program is a powerful tool for teaching these vital skills. Trips provide motivation, a built-in deadline, and parameters that define success – all part of the goal-setting process.

“It’s common for people to mistake their wishes for objectives, but we help them clear up this misconception,” Zack declared. “In fact, we teach a system using the acronym SMART to clarify the goal-setting process.”

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. These five elements provide a framework for action that moves professionals from where they are in their lives and careers to where they want to be. 

“In the case of trips, the SMART process is simplified,” Zack pointed out. “The goal already meets all of the requirements. We just have to support our people as they create and follow action steps. Even if teaching goal-setting was the only benefit our team members received from our travel program, it would be a worthwhile investment.”  

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