Carthage Management Group, Inc. Fueling Growth With Travel

Several Carthage Management Group, Inc. team members will be traveling to a national industry conference in Dallas, Texas. According to Zack, the company President, this trip is an opportunity to fuel lasting growth.

​Zack indicated that the Carthage Management Group, Inc. team is highly focused on the professional development of its associates. This industry conference will include customer acquisition professionals from all over the country coming together to learn and network. He selected a few associates to take advantage of the many benefits of the event.

“A couple of our team members at Carthage Management Group, Inc. have the opportunity to attend the conference in Dallas this month,” Zack stated. “Our team will have the opportunity to network with big names in the field. They will also have the chance to see the big picture and the growth our industry can offer.”

Networking is a major element of conferences like this one. The attendees all gather to share their latest success stories. Zack indicated that between hands-on training, networking, and the inspiring environment, there will be a lot for his people to gain.

Tom and Nick are the two team members who have been selected to attend the conference. They are both promising leaders on the team. According to Zack, “Tom is extremely hard working, motivated and doesn’t get down on himself when challenges arise. He has a great work ethic, is an effective trainer, and is always working to help others.”

“Nick is a sharp and very talented individual who hit the ground running with us at Carthage Management Group, Inc.,” Zack continued. “He uses confidence and demeanor to motivate those around him. We couldn’t be prouder to have such outstanding guys representing our business in Dallas.”

Carthage Management Group, Inc.’s President on the Value of Travel

According to Zack, the benefits of travel for Carthage Management Group, Inc. are extensive. The chances to learn, grow the business, and inspire creativity are substantial. However, even the act of traveling can be useful.

“We get to reward our people with opportunities to visit new places,” he explained. “I’m sure Tom and Nick will enjoy exploring Dallas. Offering them this chance is a nice way to show how much their hard work is appreciated.”

Zack also asserted that travel is an excellent way to break up the routine. “People follow similar schedules day to day. This isn’t great for creativity. In our industry, innovation is essential. So, helping our people change up their routines with an exciting trip is a worthwhile investment.”

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