Carthage Management Group Offers Engaging Career Challenges

Zack, President of Carthage Management Group, announced that the firm is hiring. He described the ideal applicant and offered some advice to those contemplating a new career or a career change.

 Due to the increased demand for Carthage Management Group’s customer acquisition services, several key positions at the firm are now open. Zack’s first choice for filling these roles? New graduates.

“With college graduation around the corner, we are looking for young professionals who are very team-oriented,” Zack stated. “These women and men will have been involved in extra-curricular activities, such as clubs and athletics. Our ideal applicants will love to work with people and be extremely personable. They will also be competitive, while still being collaborative, and want to advance in their careers.”

While Zack realizes his expectations are high, he also knows the advantages that people gain when joining Carthage Management Group. For example, new hires are paired with experienced coaches right away, so they gain the support and wisdom of practiced professionals. Not only does this accelerate the potential timeline of a person’s achievements, but it also introduces novice team members to an important company value: teamwork.

Another enviable perk is travel. By attending leadership conferences and weekend retreats, and also through the exploration of potential markets, associates get chances to see the world and broaden their horizons. These are also prime team-building opportunities, as the time spent traveling, plus the positive memories created, produce friendships that can last a lifetime.

Carthage Management Group’s President Shares Strategies for Starting or Switching Careers

While the main focus of Zack’s hiring initiative will be on new graduates, he appreciates the perspective that those with work history bring to Carthage Management Group as well. With this in mind, he offers these tips to help a person either land their first job or transition smoothly into a new vocation.

First, he suggests people make sure that their resumes are focused on accomplishments, not just skill sets. For those who are new to the workforce, this means listing any volunteer activities, educational achievements or awards, such as the Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Gold Award. Knowing what a person has done reveals a fuller picture of his or her interests, goals and values. 

Also, Zack says it’s important for people to make themselves available for interviews. Taking a vacation day or getting a shift covered are both reasonable ways to create time for a meeting, and finding a way to make things happen shows flexibility and resourcefulness.

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